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Company Profile

The Dubai based KGT began operations in 1985 as a trading house, dealing in consumer electronics and communication products. Today the Group is a leading player with a diverse portfolio of products & services spanning telecommunications, office automation products, wireless communication products and value added services for Mobile phones.

 ATS- KGT Communications


With each additional job listing, HR department had to obtain relevant resumes. These resumes were found from commercial vendors or amongst the past applicants of the company. Resumes collected by either ways had to be matched against the open job listing. This was a manual process which was repeated, each time a job position was opened.


ubiRecruit helped KGT capture all relevant details about candidates at one place. Powerful searches (based on skill set, work experience etc) were performed on the collected details for filling all open positions. Candidates were shortlisted, rated, rejected and selected by the same product. Multiple users of the software had access to this information and many jobs were filled simultaneously.

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