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Company Profile

Krishna International is a telecom transnational group with direct presence in over 20 countries. The company is a leading distributor for global brands offering value-added distribution solutions, after sales services in Middle East, Africa, Central Asia & APAC region.

Online staffing software- Krishna International


With each additional job listing, HR department had to obtain relevant resumes. These resumes were found from commercial vendors or amongst the past applicants of the company. Resumes collected by either ways had to be matched against the open job listing. This was a manual process which was repeated, each time a job position was opened.


Along with providing a single place to keep all job seekers data, ubiRecruit did a top notch job in easing the pain of the manager responsible for maintenance staff. With ubiRecruit, he could simply check out the contact details of people who are fit for the job and close the unplanned vacancies quicker than ever before. This earned him great appreciation from everyone at the organization.

Our recruiting software created hiring revolution – learn how?