Recruitment Software for companies

Meet ubiRecruit – the one stop Recruitment software for all your hiring needs. Fill vacancies faster. Organize smarter. Hire better – Get the best of the job seekers. All with the help of this single comprehensive tool.

The prospects are endless – and all you need is this intuitive, state-of-the-art Recruitment software. Customize career forms based on your requirements. Consolidate applicants from different sources – bring them to the career page. Respond to the job applications at lightning speed. Send appointment mailers. Analyze the Job Applications swiftly. Filter Candidates. Organize Job postings. Schedule job interviews. Track the applicant’s history. Convert job applicants to employees.

Our applicant management software is specially designed to fill job vacancies in all industries – Telecom,Education,healthcare…

What’s better, all these benefits and so many more come at minimal investment risks – thanks to our subscription based Recruitment Software.

How it works

Our Recruitment Software is designed to reduce unnecessary manual resume data entry work. The process of capturing all relevant and essential resumes information online is fully automated through a web form. Your hiring team’s precious hours can now be better spent. With focus on selecting the right candidate and less time wasted on managing resume data, higher candidate selections are almost a guarantee.

Recruitment Software- Applicants’ data by countries
Recruitment Software- Graphical representation of Applicants’ by date
Recruitment Software- Applicants’ records by designation
Recruitment Software- Recent Applicants record

Recruitment Software for Placement agencies

Recruitment Software for Placement agencies

Job Portal Builder

Now get a job portal up & running in days. Beauty with brains – appealing looks with great functionality. We are one of the best job board builders with a matching support function. No technical skills required to set up & manage the website for your placement agency. Transform the way you recruit.

How it works

The placement companies or staffing agencies can get a branded job portal for recruiting talent through these easy steps

  1. Set up a job website
  2. Easy pricing plan for employers
  3. Aggregate jobs
  4. Assign the positions to Recruiters
  5. Announce job vacancies
  6. Collect job Applications
  7. Filter & rate resumes
  8. Select candidates
  9. Issue offer-letters
  10. On-board candidates

Features of Job Portal

  • Mobile friendly website: Our Job Portal works properly on smart-phones, tablets and computers. Job seekers can search for job vacancies from anywhere, anytime through catchy careers pages.
  • Broad cast job openings: Now publish job vacancies not only on your portal but across, various job broads like seek, poor job free etc. & social networks like Facebook and twitter.
  • Candidate section: Register candidate easily through custom careers page. Candidate can get job alerts whenever a position matching their profile gets advertised. Applicants can apply for multiple job openings.
Online Job Portal- Employer section
  • Employers Section: Devise your pricing plan and charge employers by job postings featuring their profile, candidate search etc. Enable easy payments and configure discounts.
  • Small Recruiting: Smart Filters & advanced search tools to get the most switched candidate store communication with each candidate to avoid losing vital information.
  • Manage Recruiters: Recruiters can advertise and manage their job positions. By empowering them you help them & close positions quickly & accurately. Every recruiter is a given separate log-in to maintain confidentiality.
Applicant tracking system dashboard